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Danial Ghasemi

Danial Ghasemi

Data Scientist | Follow Your Dreams!

Montreal, Quebec

Data Science, Statistics, Machine Learning, Time Series Prediction, Energy Price Forecasting, Computer vision, Predictive Analytics, Medical Imaging.

I am a passionate and talented data scientist with +3 years of hands-on experience in machine learning and data science. At Uzinakod, we have built predictive models for energy price forecasting in North American markets using machine and deep learning techniques and time-series concepts. They were all back-tested over 4 months with almost 90% accuracy and were deployed using cloud services. We have also accomplished three other projects during my employment at Uzinakod which were prototyping a face identifier using python libraries, developing a statistical tool for trading strategy optimization and review classification of a restaurant’s customers using NLP. Furthermore, we proposed a novel supervised algorithm in accuracy assessment of ultrasound images during my master studies at IMPACT group. Also, depth knowledge in statistical analysis, optimization, artificial intelligence and strong programming skills, moves my inner motivation to master interesting algorithms in machine learning and data science every single day!

I am always looking for challenging data science positions in Canada.

Qualification Summary:
♦ Detail-oriented and analytical master of applied mathematics with strong programming skills
♦ Programming experience with Python, C++, R, MATLAB, SQL, Azure Cloud
♦ Practical experiences in machine and deep learning: CNN, RNN, PCA, Clustering, SVM, Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest
♦ Strong understanding of various data structures and algorithms
♦ Excellent communication skills, developed through teaching and volunteering experiences
♦ Hard worker, self-motivated, self-learner, and great ability to work independently and within groups
♦ Recipient of the Graduate Studies Fellowships from Concordia University


  • Data scientist (Uzinakod)
  • Data Scientist (Cerence Inc.)
  • Teaching Assistant (Concordia University)
  • Data Scientist (Nuance Communications)
  • Graduate Research Assistant (Concordia University)
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant (Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic)
  • Teaching Assistant (Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic)


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