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Daniel Eichorn

Daniel Eichorn

Product Engineering Supervisor at Aptiv

Auburn Hills, Michigan

•Solid history of engineering design, product improvement and new product development in the highly demanding and quality driven automotive industry
•Reliable program management skills to drive new designs from concept through prototype and testing phases into high-volume production
•Recognized leadership and effectiveness in solving manufacturing problems as a certified Shainin Red X® Journeyman
•Superior creativity in solving quality issues and innovating new designs documented in four United States patents: 7,025,640, 7,201,587, 7,204,730, 7,331,801
•Exceptional oral and written communication skills developed by working with global colleagues, customers and suppliers
•Well trained and highly skilled at developing and presenting instructive and informative material in a public or private forum
•Familiarity with a vast array of manufacturing processes, components and materials including those of the automotive and electronics industries
•Significant experience working with cross-regional and cross-functional teams to successfully launch programs for North America, Europe and Asia

Specialties: Mechanical Engineering
New Product Design
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)
Shainin Red X® Problem Solving Techniques


  • Product Engineering Supervisor (Delphi)
  • Owner (Eion Computers)
  • Commercial Refrigeration Systems Engineer (Store Systems & Services)
  • Product Engineering Supervisor (Aptiv)
  • Product Engineering Business Pursuit & Product Development Engineer (Delphi)
  • Product Engineering Supervisor (Delphi)


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