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Daniel Grinberg

Daniel Grinberg

Founder and CEO of VRT - creating Life+


Founder of VRT creating game changer, convenient and stylish AR and VR glasses allowing a real life immersive experience and Life+ metaverse.
Daniel comes from an artistic background as an active musician and video producer, and as a pioneer in the multimedia interactive technology starting from the early 80’s of the previous century. Merging digital contents into the real world, creating an integrated new reality, is what drives him and therefore Daniel has been focusing on the last ten years in solving the core issues to allow users an intuitive sense of presence when using AR and VR glasses, and more specifically on optical solutions and computational logic.


  • Founder and CEO (Vision Reality Technology)
  • Founder / Chief Executive Officer (Imagine Mobile Augmented Reality LTD.)
  • Founder (Reality+)
  • Owner (GreenTone)
  • Founder (Element XR)


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