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Dave Food

Dave Food

Passionate Supply Chain advocate, strategist, innovator, thought leader, futurist, analyst and educator, unlocking potential by touching tomorrow today.

Egham, England

For me, every day is full, full of opportunity, full of potential, full of choices. Normally shared with others who are looking to understand better, gain clarity and insight and make choices that will make a difference to their teams, their businesses or their supply chains.

I find the accelerated pace of change is like kite flying, you have to be sensitive to the wind and catch the next gust to take you higher. The privilege of helping supply chain teams to understand better and strategise more clearly is both an ah-ha moment for me but also for all those involved.

Using intelligent technologies to automate the simple tasks to unleash more time and space for innovation and change, means I have to stay connected and socially engaged as there is always something new to learn and apply. Being in the midst of the conversation means I get to cover a lot of ground and know a lot of people, the handshaking and coffees have been replaced by zooming/teams but the opportunity to introduce and facilitate catalytic conversations is still at the centre of what I do.

Seeing people take intelligent procurement systems to market gives me such a buzz. Helping to enlarge executives worlds through educational experiences that lay the foundations for the adoption, of Supply Chain Control Towers bringing accelerated change. Adding responsive machine learning to adapt and improve forecasting into a large global company means more profit but also less waste and as a result, a better planet puts a smile on my face as I walk the dog and consider the beauty of creation.

I have grown a broad set of interests and experience that has added value to teams who have generated benefits out of supply chain, automated marketing or social media. I love evangelising on the supply chain (Blockchain, Big Data, AI, drones, Machine learning and 3D printing) and social media helps me bring a prophetic edge to future thinking. (A Supply Chain Futurologist who teaches Postgraduate students).


  • Marketing Strategist (Heads and Hearts Ltd)
  • Head Of Supply Chain (Board International)
  • Associate Principal Lecturer (Subject Matter expert Supply Chain, Logistics, Analytics & Marketing) (WMG, University of Warwick)
  • Senior Consultant (EFESO)
  • Senior Leader (Runnymede Christian Fellowship)


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