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David Allen Nealy

David Allen Nealy

Construction Professional, Small Business Owner, Professional Artist

Key West, Florida

+ Construction Professional, (Toppino)
+ Small Business Owner (SAFE HARBORS)

Keene State College,
+ Occupational Safety
+ Physical Geograpy,
+ Special Emphasis in Russian Language and IT.
+ International Exchange Program, Belgorod Pedigogical Institute
+ OSHA Internship, Concord New Hampshire.
US Coast Guard
+ Marine Engineer
+ Marine Navigator (Open Ocean)
Owner and General Manager of SAFE HARBORS
Real Estate Investor

Worked overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait under contracts with with the DoD and the DoS.

I speak English, some Spanish and have been formally trained to speak Russian.


  • Construction Safety Manager (Environemntal Chemical Corporation (ECC))
  • Professional Artist (Super Dave’s Studios)
  • General Manager (SAFE HARBORS)
  • Construction Safety Manager (Sheffield Construction Inc)
  • Construction Superintendent (Charley Toppino & Sons, Inc.)
  • General Manager (Safe Harbors)


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