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David Foster

David Foster

Co-Founder and CTO at Great Ape Games

London, England Metropolitan Area

I am a dedicated, detail-orientated technical leader and interaction developer with extensive experience in virtual and augmented reality, mobile, web, game development, digital experiences, and emerging technologies. Leading a team or developing solo, I take great pride in crafting deceptively simple, elegant code and robust tools, APIs, and codebases that adapt, grow, and retain business value long-term.

I thrive in an environment of technical exploration and uncertainty. I employ a battle-hardened approach to complex, cutting-edge creative and technical problem solving, distilling multifaceted challenges into their simplest constituent parts and formulating sophisticated solutions from the inside out. Following meticulous evaluation of project requirements, I identify disruptive emerging technology and guide precise execution therewith that exceeds stakeholder vision, delivers lasting user value and delightful user experience, and guarantees solid ROI.

With excellent internal and external communication skills, I bridge the gap between the technical, creative, and production teams, directors and shareholders, and end clients and stakeholders. I convey often highly technical ideas clearly, concisely, and always in terms of deliverable business value. Regardless of the complexity, enormity, or innovative nature of any task, I maintain a constant focus on budget and team member skill and capacity utilisation.

Starting my career as a graphic designer, I am a rare breed of technical leader who brings a keen eye for good design, clear communication, and engaging user experience in every endeavour I undertake.


• Virtual Reality, Vive, Rift, Gear VR
• Augmented Reality, mobile AR, ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia
• Unity 3D and C# game development
• Kinect body tracking
• Mobile development, optimisation
• Simulation modelling, physics systems
• Framework, convention, toolchain, & library formulation
• Agile methodologies, development practice streamlining


  • Founder and CTO (Appchievo)
  • Co-Founder and CTO (Aptronic)
  • Co-Founder and CTO (Great Ape Games )
  • CTO, Virtual & Augmented Reality (Apache)


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