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David Leidner

David Leidner

PhD in clinical psychology. Specialist in health care research.

San Luis Obispo, California

I'm a social scientist, clinician, and civil servant devoted to improving human welfare by collecting, understanding, and sharing data. I've worked in the public sector for over 20 years, with training and real-world experience designing research and instruments, collecting and visualizing data, forecasting trends, developing decision support for providers and managers, treating youth and families, veterans, and incarcerated persons, teaching primary schoolers and college students, and managing developers, analysts, clinicians, and NGOs.

I've designed hundreds of performance metrics, led a team that built and supported business intelligence used by over a thousand staff daily, architected a multi-terrabyte health care data warehouse with dozens of data streams and over a million patients, created a data archive for prison health care research, programmed an off-line tablet app to audit remote sites, developed a burden of mental illness scale, designed and administered numerous patient and staff surveys, used machine learning to predict violent and self-injurious behavior, designed an RCT for a suicide prevention intervention, worked with Harvard University on an early warning system for suicide, forecasted school teacher supply and demand for the Jordanian Ministry of Education, worked with Stanford University to understand Covid vaccine hesitancy, and published findings in The New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet Public Health, and other peer-reviewed journals.


  • Research and Statistics Advisor / Instructor, Department of Psychology (The George Washington University)
  • Statistics and Psychology Instructor (Cuesta Community College)
  • Senior Psychologist Specialist (Research) (State of California)
  • Forecasting Consultant (Kaizen)
  • Youth and Family Therapist (San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department)
  • Staff/Supervising Psychologist (State of California)


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