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David Marshall, CFA, FRM, CAIA

David Marshall, CFA, FRM, CAIA

ETF Model Portfolio Strategist at State Street Global Advisors

Greater Boston

As an investment professional, I like living in two worlds: research and client servicing & engagement. The allure of research is that it is akin to a laboratory without boundaries allowing endless testing of financial suppositions. Moreover, the answers that naturally flow from the reams of data and evidence are never certain and not stable, requiring a continuous loop of hypothesizes, tests and reflections. The fact that there is no secret sauce or recipe—even though the mind is determined to find one— is motivation to identify, though financial innovation, the best mental models of explaining the investment world like a golfer’s pursuit of the perfect swing.

Client servicing also has a profound effect on me. It co-exists with the research domain as it provides purpose for research. Pursuing research for its own sake seems pointless to me. There must be a client who benefits from the deep study of ideas and the market conclusions reached. I find this engagement very satisfying as it allows me to reach back into my tool box of market understandings, while being properly guided by client situations and preferences, to create solutions that are truly customized to the individual. And the rewards go beyond the performance. It’s about shared-learning, teaching, mutual discovery and, yes, friendships.

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to reach out via Inmail.

Platform and Portfolio Risk Management & Portfolio Analytics • Development of Risk Management Process & Presentation • Multi-manager portfolio construction • Portfolio Specialist for Retail & Institutional Segments • Relationship Management • Analyst Team Management • Qualitative and Quantitative Due Diligence • Manager Selection • Discretionary Model Portfolio Management and Construction • Client-facing on Research Process and Portfolio Issues • Public Speaker


  • Director, Portfolio Manager, FoF (Bank of America)
  • ETF Model Portfolio Strategist (State Street Global Advisors)
  • Investment Consultant (Investment Process Consulting)
  • Portfolio & Risk Oversight (John Hancock Financial Services)


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