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Deb Penny

Deb Penny

Sr. Lead UX/UI/HF Engineer at Analog Devices - UX / Design / Research / Report

Winchester, Massachusetts

Sr. Lead UI/UX Engineer in Digital Healthcare focused on delivering product UX and software UI designs, workflows, instrumentation and indications for use of wearable medical products. Performs usability research for sustainability of product and support materials used in FDA submission.


* Human Factors software and product design
* Integrate medical industry standard regulatory requirements
* Iterate for continuous improvement
* Design, iterate, test medical devices and their components
* Deliver concepts, IA discovery, story-boarding, usability
concepts, and UI design for all client-facing applications on both web and mobile platforms
* IEC 62366, 60601-x, ANSI/AAMI HE75 Standards

Approach to UX

It’s not “just” about the user experience but all the things you can’t see, hear, smell, or touch that completes the whole picture. That, is what really tells the story. I call this UX forensic evidence — it’s the hidden messages and response that tell us the “why’s” of how something is used and reveals the way our brains tell us to use it the way we do. This, is the essence of a true tangible experience.

I strive to focus on continual improvement: iterate, uncover, solve, and remediate for successful human interactions.


* Patient, clinical focused research and observation on product and interface usage, behavior patterns, and root cause investigations
* Profile, analyze, and report findings
* Lead and Manage Medical Device Formative and Summative Research Studies
* Facilitate research sessions, recruit, and perform product interviews
* HIPAA and GDPR guidelines and regulations compliance


* Strong expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JS Frameworks (Angular2, NodeJS), NPM, Bootstrap4, and JQuery
* Exposure to back-end technologies and databases
* Experience in fast paced, Agile SDLC environments
* Experience in building responsive and mobile-first UIs
* Atlassian suite of products - Jira, Confluence


* Adobe Creative Suite
* Marvel App interaction design, prototyping
* Create mockups, wireframes, prototypes, and story boards
* Solid web design, layout, typography and iconography skills
* Extremely detail oriented and can demonstrate the ability to analyze very complex problems, digest, and rapidly problem solve
* Performant data visualization and dashboard design

A Human First

I'm an INFP in relation to Myers-Briggs scoring: Deep-felt valuing. Quietly caring. Compassionate. Pursues meaning, harmony. Creative. Idealistic. Empathic helpers. Inquisitive. Enjoys ideas, language, music, writing. Independent. Adaptable.


  • Sr. Software Engineer (Genalytics Inc.)
  • Director, Creative Technology, Corporate & Professional Services (Lexalytics, Inc.)
  • Sr. Lead UX/UI/HF Engineer (Analog Devices)
  • Principal Human Factors UI/UX Engineer (Pegasystems)
  • Sr UI/UX Designer (Modo Labs)


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