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Delphine Bruneau

Delphine Bruneau

Back Office Loan Operations Manager


I have 14 years of experience in the banking industry and I have expertise in corporate loan administration with a scope of lending operations ranging from standard loans to structured credit operations and from various business lines such as Acquisition, Leasing, Shipping and Syndication. I have a very good knowledge of banking IT systems Loan IQ and Swift.

For more than five years I gained experience in operational management where I dealt with control, risk, compliance and human matters. My mission was to ensure the smooth functioning of the business as usual operations and ensure their compliance with procedures, reporting requirements and policies of the Bank.

As the first point of contact of the loan administration department, I was involved into various challenging projects bringing a permanent calling into question of the way of working. I was responsible for execution, implementation, monitoring projects and ensured successfully the Change Management within the operational teams.

I have recently moved to Luxembourg and studied the opportunity to open a fast-premium food restaurant in the city. After building the business plan I made the decision not to pursue the opening.

I am actively searching a position in lending transaction management and I am open to opportunities in Compliance, KYC/AML where my expertise in lending operations will be a good asset. I am at ease in working as a team and in close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.


  • Loan Administration Team Leader (BNP PARIBAS, Corporate & Institutional Banking)
  • Business creation project (Ind√©pendant)
  • Change Management Project Leader (BNP PARIBAS, Corporate & Institutional Banking)
  • Head of Loan Administration Operations (BNP PARIBAS, Corporate & Institutional Banking)
  • Loan Administration Officer (BNP PARIBAS, Corporate & Institutional Banking)


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