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Devon Smith

Devon Smith

Game Production, Design & Narrative

Portland, Oregon

Freelance interactive fiction writer and game producer with experience in video games, comic books and television.

I specialize in integrating gameplay functionality into franchise narrative structures and blending established continuity with dynamic shifts in creative direction/design iteration.

Clients include:
• Electronic Arts
• Marvel Interactive
• 343 Industries
• Activision

Additional experience leading design, production and quality assurance teams througout multiple phases of development, as well as directing voice over work.

Commonly employed as an uncredited script doctor/ghostwriter for established intellectual properties.

Specialties: • Established, Emerging IPs
• Character, Plot Development
• Multi-Arc Narratives, Questlines
• Dialog Writing, Editing & Revisions
• Script Doctoring/Ghostwriting
• Marketing, Ad Copy
• Design Documentation
• Voice Casting, Direction
• Backstory, Franchise Bibles
• Transmedia Extensions (Comics, Animation)
• Trailers, Press Releases
• Test Plans, Database Tracking
• Report Generation, Milestone Reviews
• Training, Peer Mentorship
• Game Design
• Authoring detailed Production Tracking reporting/metrics solutions


  • Writer, Freelance (Electronic Arts)
  • Intellectual Property Consultant (Topware Interactive)
  • Senior Delivery Consultant III, Cinematics Consultant (Microsoft)
  • Design/Narrative Mercenary (Turn Me Up Games, Inc.)
  • Design Lead (Turn Me Up Games, Inc.)


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