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Diane Guganig

Diane Guganig

Precision Development and Transformation at Scale | Experience Junkie | Runner

Elmhurst, Illinois

My mother took me to see my first computer when I was 5. It filled an entire room and printed a page of numbers that looked like Mickey Mouse (I’m sure it did more than that, but when you are 5, Mickey is pretty cool). By the time I reached college, that computer fit on a desktop and the applicability was growing fast. I was convinced that this technology would permeate and significantly change our lives, and I wanted to be part of it.

I started as a systems engineer, developing software, then ran teams of people developing software, solving key business problems. I then switched to sales (yikes! Sales?) Yes, sales allowed me to go bigger, no longer creating solutions for a single problem, division, or company, but solving large problems for multiple companies across industries, functions, and business philosophies. Eventually, it was no longer about the technology, but about the way we can improve people’s lives and I began to think differently about the problems I was solving and the impact we could collectively make in the world. I made the choice to work with mission driven companies focused on solving human problems, making us all better, which is where I sit now.

As for the full me, I don’t sit down well and am hopeless when it comes to movie references or Netflix shows. You can usually find me going for a run, out with my dogs, dealing with teenagers or chasing after my next new adventure.


  • Sr Enterprise Account Executive (BetterUp)
  • Program Manager / Client Delivery Executive (Electronic Data Systems)
  • Account Executive - Enterprise Services (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Enterprise Account Executive (LinkedIn)
  • Account Executive (
  • Senior Enterprise Account Executive (LinkedIn)


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