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Diego Rubio

Diego Rubio

SVP, Fintech, Healthcare & Emerging


Experienced executive with a track record of building and leading a large, agile multi-function organization that has delivered innovative, high quality enterprise software.
Highly collaborative, hands-on and open leadership style, with strong focus on organizational culture, software engineering practices, data driven decisions and general business management.
Demonstrated ability in budgeting, planning, products/solutions roadmap creation and corresponding follow up to prioritize effectively and optimize costs across the organization.

Key experiences/responsibilities:
• Leading the creation and acceleration of centers of excellence that focus on cross team and cross product technologies and practices, resulting in improved reuse, consistency, quality, and productivity
• Leading product specific turn-around programs to improve customer satisfaction while enhancing product architecture, process and overall team effectiveness.
• Establishing a Quality function that focuses on quality excellence across the entire product life cycle, resulting in superior customer experiences. Balancing agile and discipline and lifecycle automation.
• Engaging with Customers to accelerate product life cycle (time to market), agile interactions and architectural decisions to drive business revenue and customer satisfaction.
• Establishing a program management function that facilitates and drives execution and delivery excellence
• Established and maintain reuse programs to leverage foundational technologies and centers of excellence (e.g., Security engineering, Globalization etc.)


  • Professor (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN-FRC))
  • Research Associate (LIDICALSO)
  • CEO (SimTLiX )
  • Senior Vice President, Fintech and Emerging Americas (intive)
  • SimTLiX CEO (intive)
  • Board Member (IncluIT)


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