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Dima Krasner

Dima Krasner



I'm a mostly-autodidact low-level developer and hacker, specializing in research and C and Go development for various platforms.

In addition, I enjoy kernel hacking, porting (*nix to *nix, *nix to Windows and vice versa), development of cross-platform build systems, embedding or development of interpreters and distro development.

Since 2007 or so, when I entered this field as a self-taught teenager, I've contributed to many open source software projects. I've been involved with Puppy Linux for many years (since 2008?) and contributed to Devuan, mostly in the areas of C development, shell scripting, hacking & upstreaming of open-source work, automation (packaging, image generation, kernel patching, cross-compilation) and porting (*BSD to Linux, x86 to ARM, etc'). I even had my own Linux distro, called RLSD.

I'm dedicated, professional, fast-thinking and do the things I do with tons of passion and endless curiosity. My strong intuition, exceptional attention to detail and analytic approach to problem solving, alongside the constant need to do things in new and creative ways, are my greatest assets when I wear the software engineer hat.

In my spare time, I study philosophy, play lead trumpet and flugelhorn. Philosophy teaches me how to attack complex problems with zero or little prior knowledge, ask questions and think different, while music inspires me and fuels my creativity.


  • Software Engineer (Wayout Group)
  • Cyber Security Tutor (Israel Defense Forces)
  • Senior Software Engineer (GYTPOL)
  • Senior Software Developer (Hexadite)
  • Researcher and Developer (Israel Defense Forces)
  • Tech Lead (Sam Seamless Network)
  • Senior Developer (Sam Seamless Network)


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