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Dmitriy Paunin

Dmitriy Paunin

Founder & CTO @ Finblox (We are hiring) | Engineer & Entrepreneur


Building business through technologies, exposing via internet and inspiring with the purpose of IT

Taking into account my experience in almost all areas of development, I fully understand what it means to create something using code, data and algorithms! I also know what kind of help it requires from tech-leaders, product owners, project managers and company itself. Being a leader I never forget those needs and always offer not orders but the help to work together to solve any kind of requests our customer has for us.

Ability to set in place comfortable processes, workflows, communication channels and collaboration tools for each member of my teams - that is what actually makes my crew solid, powerful and almost unbreakable. In this kind of teams people usually don't need a single manager but only mentor and trustful office friend who can help to grow and step over the fears of unknown.

Understanding that everything in this business world has price gives me always a good chance to plan well personal and company's time, money, risks and resources. Project management is a touchy topic in software engineering with a lot of patterns and anti-patterns, so that's why I try to combine best practices from classic(PMbok) and agile(scrum, kanban, scrum-ban) techniques and don't fall into blind rules following.

Values I believe in:
• transparency over politic
• trust over authority
• open-mindedness over experience
• humanity over corporate-worker concept
• purpose over facts-written-in-the-book

I write code -
I write articles -


  • Chief Technology Officer (
  • Senior Software Developer (New communication systems)
  • Architect and Team leader (Inform-Mobil)
  • Founder & CTO (Finblox)
  • Technical Group Manager (Lazada/Alibaba Group)
  • Vice President Of Technology (Lazada/Alibaba Group)
  • Head of Development, Business unit Smart (IMMO)


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