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Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman RSW. BA. LLB. BSW. PgDip-Psychiatry(dist)

Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman RSW. BA. LLB. BSW. PgDip-Psychiatry(dist)

Business and Executive Coach TotalMindFitness at TotalMindFitness

Manchester Metropolitan Area

In May 2017 I took my organisation that I volunteer for, in less than a week, from zero infrastructure and zero manpower to fully functioning - Recruitment of 100 volunteers from the mental Health industry,
-Opening of a full time fully manned and functioning pop-up psychotrauma clinic in the centre of Manchester dealing with hundreds of psychotrauma victims of the Manchester MEN Arena bombing.
- Repeated a week later at the London Bridge and Borough market Terror attacks in London
- and again one week later at the Grenfell Tower fire.
- Done with no money and no financial backing!

It is not all about vision, leadership, initiative, motivation and building a great team (although these ingredients are neccessary)

It is about total mind fitness - *Staying on task
*Doing valued actions
*Being resilient to those inner thoughts and bodily sensations that show up constantly helping us to steer off task.
*Being able to do what we know will be healthy for us in the long term.

Whatever your role - a high powered CEO, parent, marathon runner,self employed business person, teacher, student employee or a complete corporate team, we all go through this daily.
I can teach you how to continue on your path of value while being resilient to these inner events that show up.

Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman
Post Graduate Dip with distinction from Cardiff University School of Medicine INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE AND CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE

BSW Social Work (2:1) Ashkelon School of Social Work

LLB Law from The Interdisciplinary Center

BA Government from The Interdisciplinary Center

I am not a Psychologist, Medical Doctor nor a Psychiatrist.

Social Worker and Pro-Social Educator, a permanent student of human behavior: Psychiatry, Social Work, Couple and Family Therapy, Contextual Behavioural Science, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


  • Founder (HEADS UP CIO Registered Charity Number 1170821.)
  • Advisor and facilitator of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy group for adolescents (Returno - Therapeutic Community)
  • TotalMindFitness (TotalMindFitness)
  • Private Clinic (Private Clinic)
  • Development Director (Retorno Jewish Center for Addictions)


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