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Dr. HJ Raza, MD/FACP-Diplomat of ABIM

Dr. HJ Raza, MD/FACP-Diplomat of ABIM

Founder, President & Chief Medical Officer at Neural Synergy Biosciences, Inc. Internal Medicine, Neurotechnology, Neuroscience Research. Industry expert, innovator, educator & practitioner.

New York City Metropolitan Area

Dr. HJ Raza, MD is widely published in medical and clinical Neurology along with multiple industry white papers. He has written numerous media editorials and is aggressively pursuing the development of a Federally funded program to provide an educational outreach on the benefits of NeuroEEG® diagnosis for Covid19 neurological complications.

An internationally respected physician, researcher, educator, activist, Dr. HJ Raza, MD is Synergy Biosciences, Inc.'s Founder and President where he oversees, supervises, researches and evaluates all medical applications, R&D, thought leader engagement, medical strategy and future innovations. In encompassing the numerous tasks as CMO, Dr. Raza’s primary focus is pre-clinical, clinical, medical advisory & consultative services for cutting-edge Neurodiagnostic applications.

Dr. Raza rigorously and creatively applies scientific expertise to drive innovation invariably resulting in the creation of appropriate studies, publications, presentations, and other relevant proof sources to support pre-clinical and clinical claims of neuroscience data.

His 25 years of professional experience was fostered by completion of his medical education (MD) aside Neuroscience research at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine with training and board certification in Internal Medicine at The NYU Medical Center. Thereafter, he was appointed faculty as a teaching attending at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where he engaged in academic clinical practice while continuing his research in systemic and cellular neuroscience.


  • Chief Medical Strategist-Remote, Consumer-Centered Neuroimaging in Medical & Sleep Application (BrainBit)
  • Founder, President & Chief Medical Officer (Neural Synergy Biosciences )
  • Chief Science Officer & Medical Liaison (GrowthCell Global Corp.)
  • Medical Liaison & Strategist-Population Health-Virtual Telehealth EMR (Fitango Health)
  • Chief Medical Liaison to Clinicians & Healthcare Systems (MemoryMD)


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