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Dudy Elisha

Dudy Elisha

R&D Hardware Dep. Manager at Ribbon Communications


The R&D hardware department, includes 4 groups, pointed in Petach Tikva and Gav-Yam, Beer Sheba:

Mechanical Electronic packaging design of cards, shelves and street cabinets - Supporting all R&D activities by designing all the physical infrastructures for the products. The design covers all the Mechanical , Cables & Wiring , Thermal , Jigs and installation aspects.

Power Supply design - Analog and Digital Voltages for cards design and Shelves, fan cooling control and street cabinets power design.

Design Verification - The DV group performs testing to ensure that the design of the product conforms to accepted, Worldwide telecom standards and requirements (NEBS, CE, ETSI........)

PCB's layout design and tech. support - Layout design of all R&D projects, Schematic Design Support to R&D. PCB’s manufacturing and assembly support (Subcontractors) for all R&D projects.

Additional personal skills:
IOT devices developer and programmer, ESP32, ESP8266, all kinds of sensors, motors: steps, servo, brushless and DC, including all the production aspects, Code writing+ Hardware design+ Mechanical design. I made more many projects for organizations in several Domains: Medical, Safety, Security, Machinery and Toys.


  • Mechanical design Team Manager (ECI Telecom)
  • Mechenical Robitics Designer (Eshed)
  • Mechanical design Group Manager (ECI Telecom)
  • R&D Hardware Dep. Manager (Ribbon Communications)


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