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Egor Malkevich

Egor Malkevich

Open to work as Chief Technology Officer, Engineering manager


Chief Technology Officer with deep expertise in web technologies based on JavaScript both front- end, back-end and infrastructure.
On one hand I'm leading the core team, doing the internal UI framework and all the infrastructure around it: tools, components, web vitals (web performance) and boilerplates for micro-frontends.
On the another hand I manage all pre-sales for new internal products, help the team to organize infrastructure and data flow all around micro-services (based on Ruby, C#, Node.js technologies), to achieve easy maintainability and high scalability based on the load.
My main interest lays in solving business cases, organizing the process, providing people with resources (tools, architecture plan, vision, etc.), building the communication bridge between business, managers and developers, to be all together on the same page.
I lead 2 communities in Minsk (500-1000 people), have a YouTube channel and coaching practice which cover topics around technology in business.


  • Software Developer (Migreat)
  • Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder (Knomary)
  • Software Developer (EPAM Systems)
  • Engineering manger, Senior Software Developer (DarkMatter LLC)


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