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Eitan Netzer

Eitan Netzer

You understand your business best, so you’re the best person to teach your AI system. We design AI systems you can teach yourself, without data scientists!| CEO @ CoreAI

Qiryat Tiv‘on, Northern

As an AI researcher and entrepreneur, my primary goal is to make AI and the data science process accessible to the broadest possible audience. This has special relevance for businesses (and particularly businesses outside the hi-tech industry) that deal with massive amounts of data.

We created CoreAI to provide AI solutions for companies. However it quickly became clear to us that the main issue confronting businesses is the need to have a middleman, in the form of a data scientist, to train the AI system. Even though data scientists are experts in AI, they are not experts in the business field, and certainly not more knowledgeable than the company’s actual owner or senior managers.

CoreAI recognizes that you understand your business best. So we make it possible for you to teach the AI system yourself, without having to play the “telephone game” through intermediaries. This leads to more accurate results as well as lower costs and faster research time.

How does it work? CoreAI has a team of experts in AI and machine learning, including myself, and we have developed an algorithmic engine that guarantees better results within a shorter timeframe. We design your AI system with customized AI paradigms to make it possible for you, the expert, to train the system completely independently. There’s no need to hire an external data specialist or to have a computer science background yourself, and the process doesn’t affect the statistical validity of the data. It’s simply the best, most effective way to transition to an AI system.

We are currently seeking companies willing to participate in our pilot program and provide us with the crucial feedback we need to make this a truly world-class service.

For more information, contact me at and visit our site at for further details.


  • Co-Founder (Cawamo)
  • Data Science Lecturer (iNT college - Institute of Innovation & Technology)
  • Data Science Lecturer (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
  • Chief Executive Officer (CoreAI)
  • Lecturer of Python and Machine Learning (Experis BI)


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