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Eldar Carmeli

Eldar Carmeli

Team Leader of Software Infrastructure Engineering at Ribbon


Work on management system EMS/NMS ,c++ & Java, work a lot with Oracle db and also sybase.

work with network elementusing SNMP.

I mainly work on profile mechanism , which enable management system to manage profiles and templates in network element and make synergy between those components in Network element to those one in EMS/NMS.

Teamp leader which responsible to profile & template INFRA mechanism , card & shelf view (swing side), manage the NI port , LAGs and Rings, implement the multicast hifocus fetures in the EMS.
Responsible for the commissioning process , commissioning is a script which take customer configuration from excel documents and create the configuration in EMS , so testing group and customer willhave a ready to work system.

Do a lot of backword support & customer support work when it is needed to be done by the software team.


  • PAAS developer (ECI Telecom)
  • SW Engineer (Elron Telesoft)
  • Software Team Leader (ECI Telecom)
  • SW Engineer From matrix in amdocs (Matrix)
  • Software Infrastructure Engineering Team Leader (Ribbon Communications)
  • SW Engineer (ECI Telecom)


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