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Elise Doeschot

Elise Doeschot

PhD candidate Tilburg University

The Randstad, Netherlands

Voltaire: Judge people by their questions, rather than their answers.

I am interested in how medical- and health (care) cultures are constructed. I have a strong passion for qualitative research and feel that qualitative research is indispensable to a complete understanding of health care issues.
My background is culture studies with a specialisation in science and technology studies (STS). I am particularly interested in questions concerning the dissemination and use of knowledge. One of the issues I have been studying concerns the question what constitutes as evidence in arriving at a certain diagnosis or treatment, including the technology used.

Skills: qualitative research methods, ethnography, policy analysis, ethical analysis, discourse analysis, philosophy of science and technology, co-creation and co-design.

Interests, among others: patient participation, diagnostic process, health literacy, medical technologies, patient-doctor relationships.


  • Researcher (Athena Instituut, VU Amsterdam)
  • Researcher Phd Candidate (Tilburg University | Research)
  • Freelance Researcher (Leprastichting (Netherlands Leprosy Relief))
  • Project Manager & Researcher Health Care Services (Cooperation Kempenlife)
  • Tutor (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Intern at PARTNER-Project (VU medisch centrum)


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