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Eliyahu Skoczylas

Eliyahu Skoczylas

Sr. Software Engineer at RenalSense


Four decades of computer-related experience from microelectronics through
 distributed, web-based applications systems, and nearly everything in between:

I started my professional life as a programmer in 1980, moved into S/W engineering and real-time, then did database internals programming and more telecomm work as a consultant. Moved to Israel in 1991, did some more embedded programming but then got involved with the Internet as a back-end web programmer / architect. From there I moved into I18N and did some globe trotting for a startup doing international installations. Left that startup and set up on my own, consulting on Internet, telecomm, network security, etc. After the (dot).Com bubble burst, I did some tech writing, to leverage my linguistic skills, and eventually returned to Israel, where I found myself back as a developer / consultant, doing whatever I can, and learning the rest as I go. Since I love to learn (and to teach) that keeps me happy. :-)

A course on iOS development for a startup back in the summer of '09 eventually led to some challenging iPad development at Koren Publishing. The technology behind automating the transfer of text to tablet apps would have made a nice startup, but we lost funding before we could make that happen. Since then I've done a few other things, but mainly trying to launch a startup.


  • Sr. Software Engineer (RenalSense)
  • CTO (Unnamed Real-Estate Startup)
  • Software Engineer (Tk Open Systems Ltd.)
  • Chief Architect (WeDrive Technology)
  • Senior Software Architect (Koren Publishers Jerusalem Ltd.)


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