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Emi Pallarès

Emi Pallarès

Software Development Engineer at Adobe

Greater Barcelona Metropolitan Area

I love building all kinds of software solutions, paying special attention to proper implementation, integrity testing and optimization. I always try to over-deliver on my projects, taking each one as a personal challenge from planning to development.

The basis of my career has been to start my working life very young and to learn as much as possible thanks to the developer community, co-workers, books and courses.

Technical skills:

· More than 15 years of experience in front-end web technologies:
HTML5, CSS (Sass/Less, CSS-in-JS, and responsive UI/UX design), JavaScript (ES6+ with asynchronous paradigms), TypeScript, React (Redux, hooks, ramda, material-ui, testing with Jest and Enzyme/React Testing Library, Apollo client, etc.), NextJS, Angular, Bootstrap and many other libraries.

· More than 5 years of experience in mobile apps and games development:
Adobe PhoneGap, Titanium, Ionic, Corona SDK and React Native.

· More than 4 years of back-end experience:
Restful API development with NodeJS and Express, authentication, authorization, connection to DB, testing with Mocha/Chai, implementing a GraphQL API with Prisma, script development and use of a wide variety of modules and middlewares available in NPM.


  • Software Development Engineer (Adobe)
  • Frontend Developer (Workshare)
  • Full Stack Developer (Net Languages)
  • Senior Software Engineer - Frontend (New Work SE)
  • Founder (Ditiva)


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