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Erez Bodner

Erez Bodner

Backend Developer


There are two reasons why I love developing software.

First of all, it has been my passion ever since I wrote my first MS batch file using nothing but DOS's help menu at the age of 11. I was fascinated that with just a few lines of code it was possible to create an interactive menu that automatically unzipped and ran games according to the user's choice. For a young boy it was like magic.

Another reason is that I also love solving problems, something I discovered in geometry class at the age of 13, after returning from the US. At that time, the US was a year behind Israel in the material, so I wasn't up to date with the rest of the class. One day the teacher decided to throw a pop quiz. I decided even though I didn't know how to approach the problem, I'd use logic - and it worked! It was then I found that logic and breaking down obstacles into steps can help make sense of even the most complicated problems.


  • Software Developer / Full Stack Developer (EMC)
  • Software Developer (ScaleIO)
  • Senior Software Developer / Full Stack Developer (Komodo Consulting)
  • Backend Developer ( LTD)
  • Co-Founder / Full Stack Developer (Tazmin)


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