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Eric Ducroix

Eric Ducroix

Help fast-growing businesses in manufacturing and distribution sectors transform their operations and supply chain into operational excellence and improve productivity. Let's talk.

Brussels Metropolitan Area


We help fast-growing businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa to structure and scale their Operations into operational excellence, so that they reduce process inefficiencies, improve productivity while gradually saving up to 20% in operations costs.

Over the past 15 years, I have taken multiple organizations from fire-fighting mode to a more proactive and agile operations management, making massive gains in productivity. We thrive at transforming operations teams from responding to urgencies to getting a proactive mindset, planning their Supply Chain, and anticipating issues.

Passionate about Operations and Supply Chain, and how a lean and sustainable Supply Chain can bring a competitive advantage to an organization, we seek opportunities to work with fast-growing organizations to support them in their Operations and Supply Chain.


- Helping you to build a coherent structure for your Supply Chain / Operations, based on your objectives
- Helping you to design a winning strategy for your Supply Chain / Operations that will help you reduce costs
- Helping you to review and structure your supply planning, logistics, inventory management and warehousing, international and domestic transportation, distribution network...
- Helping you devise a cohesive cross-functional collaboration system
- Helping you to identify main problems in your Supply Chain / Operations and solve them
- Helping you to develop a continuous improvement culture, allowing you to gain productivity and agility for your team

If you’d like to learn more about how my expertise can help you, connect with me on LinkedIn or reach me at +32499361202.


Visit Kaizen Consult's website:

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  • Distribution Black Belt Expert (Air Products)
  • Regional Partner (FasterCapital)
  • Founder, Director & Senior Consultant (Kaizen Consult Ltd)
  • Logistics Coordinator (DAC Aviation International)
  • Director, East Africa Operations (MEBS Global)
  • Quality Management Representative (MEBS Global)


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