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Erika Armstrong

Erika Armstrong

428,420 Aviation Enthusiasts | A Chick in the Cockpit | ATP | Author | FRAeS | Keynote Speaker

Conifer, Colorado

The (aviation) geeks shall inherit the earth and sky above...As an international corporate and airline pilot/captain, published author (and screenplay), editor and writer for seven national aviation magazines, Aviation Professor at MSU Denver, Director of Instructional Design and VP of Business Development for Advanced Aircrew Academy, I have learned diverse and complicated skills. But more importantly, I understand the power of integrity, leadership, crew resource management, strength of character and the intelligence of humor.

During my thirty years in aviation, I have worked in all aspects of the industry. From the friendly front desk CSR of a busy FBO, to the captain's seat of a Boeing 727-200, I've experienced everything in between. I am passionate about the aviation industry and am always amazed how it has changed the world.

I've seen the world, but I have also spent extensive time inside a box! I have flight training from Flight Safety, SimuFlite, CAE, Pan Am and NATCO. I am air ambulance and HazMat trained and qualified. Type/captain rated: Boeing 727-200 and Citation 500 series. Experience GIIB, CE650, CJ, Citation X, CE750. Extensive training in BE 90, 100, 200 series King Air. SimuFlite training Dassault Falcon 20.

My experiences are backed by education from the University of Denver where I earned my BA in International Business, Economics and Culture. Additional education through the University of Minnesota's journalism program and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical.

My articles can be found at Plane & Pilot, Colorado Serenity magazine, Mountain Connection, Disciples of Flight, NYCAviation, Contrails, Airline Reporter, Consumer Affairs,, Mentor and Business Insider.

Keynote speaker at numerous high profile events and conferences.

A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT (Behler Publishing)



  • President (Leading Edge Aviation, LLC)
  • Flight Coordinator (International Jet Aviation Services)
  • Vice President Of Business Development | Instructional Design (Advanced Aircrew Academy)
  • A Chick in the Cockpit | Pro Pilot Columnist | Published Author | Screenwriter | Keynote Speaker (Plane & Pilot | Business Aviation | Disciples of Flight | NYCAviation | Contrails | Business Insider)
  • Aviation Professor (Metropolitan State University of Denver)


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