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Esther van Kemenade

Esther van Kemenade

Compliance and Integrity Manager, Board member

Amsterdam, North Holland

I am a passionate compliance & ethics manager with a long and diverse experience in both large financial institutions and fintechs.
I led (international compliance) teams for commercial client segments, retail banking and investment services. I was involved in the compliance management of high-profile projects, managed large incidents and professionalized (compliance) departments and set up AML frameworks.
I am a trained lawyer, certified privacy expert, and experienced executive and non executive board member.
It is my strength to have understanding and empathy for different perspectives without losing my ability for an independent judgement. I am analytic and put issues in a broader perspective to achieve pragmatic and sustainable solutions. I manage my teams with a focus on the value of diversity and professionalism.


  • Advisory Board Member (Coinmerce | Crypto is easy now)
  • Experienced Compliance & Integrity manager a.i. (ComplianceCounsel)
  • ComplianceCounsel (LPE Capital B.V.)
  • Director and Head of Compliance WorldFirst Netherlands, part of the ANT Financial / Alibaba group (WorldFirst)
  • Chief Compliance Officer ai (Knab)


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