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Evgeny Tsirkin

Evgeny Tsirkin

Full Stack developer at NetOp.Cloud


I am Senior Frontend and Backend Engineer with 18 years’ experience, including comprehensive use of JavaScript, Java, .NET and Node.js and in depth knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals, data structures and algorithms.

I am a big proponent of modern JavaScript and frontend toolkits. I take full advantage of ES6 features like async and arrow functions, Bootstrap - customised with Sass variables, mixins and functions, as well as Chart.js and SVG animations are added in to build elegant data visualisation. TypeScript is my language of choice when creating big projects, it makes designing interfaces between components and services a breeze and gives me a great IDE programming experience.Component frameworks like React and Angular are how I compose single page applications.
On the server side, I am paying special attention to layer and services separation, building the right data model, maintaining data integrity with proper constraints and transaction isolation, and SQL queries optimisation with indexes. I use OO/OOD as well as IoC, DRY and Programming to Interface principles. I love to create beautiful and well tested code.
In my spare time, I like to explore the world of blockchain, and build tools that make my development life easier, like the JiraRTL chrome plugin.


  • Unix Linux System Administrator (Lev Academic Center ( JCT ))
  • Research assistant (Lev Academic Center ( JCT ))
  • Senior Full Stack .NET Engineer/Technical Lead (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Blockchain Team Leader (Contract) (
  • Certified Front End Developer (Contract) (Visually)
  • Full Stack Java/Angular developer (NetOp.Cloud)


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