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Eyal Amar

Eyal Amar

Presales Manager for Networking/DC @ MalamTeam


A motivated SE/Pre-Sale for the Telecom & Enterprise sectors at Team/Netcom.
An in depth understanding for the Carrier and Enterprise markets.
Designing versatile architectures solutions for mega customers for LAN/WAN/MPLS/IP optimization, Network Virtualization, SDN, Data-Centers and overall IP networks.

As today my focus is with an SDN architecture and network virtualization such as from Cisco APIC/APIC-EM/MATE/WAE controllers for SP& Enterprise, and for VMware NSX.
Design solutions with DELL BigSwitch brightOS/Cumulus, NPB solutions.

A general understanding with cloud and network services automation, automation tools such as Puppet/Chef and their interoperability with SDN controllers, familiarity with OpenStack different modules and framework and cloud different service deliveries.

A senior CCIE #24531 with over 15 years of Hands-On Experience in the networking industry with a solid understanding in Pre/Post sale at architectural, RFx, implementations, Professional Services and troubleshooting for large scale networks and advanced services for the Service-Provider and Enterprise market.

Technical Knowledge
CISCO service switches (Catalyst from Low & High-End), CISCO Data-Center switches (Nexus family Low & High-End) , routers( series from Low & High-End includes also for ASR 1xxx/9xx/9xxx family ), CISCO WASS, CISCO AP's/Controllers, DELL platforms, RUCKUS wireless, PIX , FWSM/ASA, CISCO Ace, A10 family, JUNIPER switches (EX series) & routers(M & MX series), EXTREME, RADWARE LB's.

DCBX, FCOE, Spanning-tree 802.1s/w/d, Flex-links, Etherchannel 802.3ad/pagp/static, FHRP hsrp/vrrp/glbp, Port-Security, Vacl, ACL”s, Private-Vlans, wireless 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO, DNS, QOS(switches & routers ), RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, MPLS, MPLS-TE, IP-in-IP, GRE, IPsec, DMVPN, L4 load-balancing, L2 WAN protocols, 802.1x, L2TP, WCCP,AAA, Some of them were done with multi-vendor and some were Cisco proprieties.


  • SE Telecom (Netcom (Malam-Team group ))
  • technical support team (ADANET)
  • Presales Manager for Networking/DC team (MalamTeam)
  • technical account manager (TGS)
  • Advanced services (Netcom (Malam-Team group ))


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