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Eyal Zilberman

Eyal Zilberman

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Petaẖ Tiqwa, Central

Senior R&D Mechanical engineer with over 28 years of successful experience in overseeing, understanding and completing projects from conception to completion. Strong technical capabilities, good problem solving skills and team player.
I have experience in development of multi-disciplinary systems, which combine: mechanics, electronics,
robotics, plastic Injections , PLC, automation, opto-mechanics, electronic packaging
and more.
I have experience in the Civilian and Defense industry.
I have experience in product development (Mass Production / Custom Made).
I have experience in manufacturing technologies: milling, turning, extrusion, bending, electro-erosion WDM / EDM, rolling, CNC, cutting in laser / water / flame, plastic injections combined with metal, composites, castings wax / send, 3D printing and welding.
Types of Machines / Products I designed:
1. Capping Machines.
2. Filling Machines.
3. Labelling Machines.
4. Sealing Machine.
5. Packaging Machines.
6. Assembly Machines
7. Palletizing Machines.
8. Integrated Production Systems.
9. Electro-Mechanical and Opto-Mechanical Systems.
10. Stabilized PAN & TILT Systems.
11. Electrical Packaging.
12. Plastic Injections & Composite Metirial.
13. Digital printing on glass


  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (SHEMESH AUTOMATION)
  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (Liad Engineering)
  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (Dip-Tech, A Ferro Company, Digital Ceramic Glass Printing)
  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.)
  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (SHEMESH AUTOMATION)


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