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Fernanda Bispo

Fernanda Bispo

Marketing Programs Manager at Nexon Asia Pacific

Rockdale, New South Wales

Ambitious and self-motivated marketing professional with over 10 years' experience in marketing, advertising, sales and customer relation.

I have extensive experience in customer relationship and a passion for problem solving. My acquired skills in marketing, advertising and customer relation, make me a confident and assertive person.

Sharing all my knowledge and experiences, listening and being listened to and working in a team environment where I can express my ideas, make me motivated to get up every single day.

I embrace the changes, love the brands I work for and can call myself a true Brand Ambassador.

My Specialties are listed below, but are not limited to:

Content Strategy
Brand Marketing
Local Area Marketing
Client Relationship


  • Marketing Program Manager - Digital Solutions (Nexon Asia Pacific)
  • Marketing Associate (EyeQ Optometrists)
  • Channel Marketing Manager (Nexon Asia Pacific)
  • Marketing Executive (Nexon Asia Pacific)
  • Marketing Coordinator (Titan Digital, Perth WA)
  • Marketing Specialist (Opmetrix)
  • Marketing and Sales Assistant (Chef Works Australia)


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