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Franz Anthony Israel

Franz Anthony Israel

Student at University of San Carlos


A motivate and opened minded graduate with bachelor’s degree in Information technology in Networking. Looking for a position particularly in IT networking. With the experience using networking software like Cisco packet tracer, Hex workstation, VM ware, and Wireshark. I have 3 years work experience in IT in the Philippines. I just graduated bachelor’s degree where I can apply my knowledge and skills during the internship. I am currently now on my Professional Year to help improved my interpersonal relationship skills and professionalism in workplace. Looking forward to being part of a diverse IT company who will help me grow in my carrier working in multicultural workplace.

Data Management (DATM): With my experience in the internship today, it is important to keep privacy of data of students in the company’s data base. I must make sure that the database is secured. Follow company policy about data security and management. In additional, it is also important to have a backup data stored in a separate drive in case unexpected loss of data in the actual server. Regular backup schedule will be implemented.

Project management (PRGM):  Working as a business analyst in Builders Academy Australia made me aware of the importance of time management. With different reports and enrolment of student to be done in a day requires a lot of time management to be able to finish everything with in the shift. With a day on my internship in which I work alone without my teammates, I have to catch up with the enrolment push of student registered and creates daily report at the start and before the end of the shift. Project management helps me improved on my communication skills in which I regularly communicate with my supervisors and teammates in the situation where I need some of their suggestion and advise especially there are cases in the enrolment registration that does not match with the PTR. Organizing the task helps me finish everything on target as required for the daily reports.

Benefits Management (BENM):

In any project, it is important to establish forecasting, planning and monitoring the emergence and effective realization. The need to identify and implement the actions need helps the business goals and achieve project timeline.


  • Information Technology Engineer (Specialty Pulp Manufacturing Incorporated)
  • Information Technology Business Analyst (Builders Academy Australia)
  • Computer Technician (Franciscan College of the Immaculate Conception, Baybay City, Leyte)
  • General Services (St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne)
  • Information Technology Implementor (Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines)


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