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Gabriel Biener

Gabriel Biener

Associate Scientist at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am an associate scientist at the university of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. I have more than 90 publications in peer review journals, 3 patents, and multiple presentations in important conferences including participation in conference organization. My h-index is 31 and i10-index is 50 according to google scholar. My career span from light manipulation using meta-materials to cell manipulation using light and cell imaging using plasmonic structures or lens free imaging. Currently, I am involved in imaging instrumentation development, biophysical studies, specifically protein-protein interactions and protein-ligand or protein-drug interactions. I also am involved in software development including object oriented programing and user interface development. My interests include: high resolution imaging, live cell and protein dynamics study, FRET, fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy methods, single molecule detection, physical optics, singularities in optics for the purpose of imaging, phase retrieval and phase reconstruction, and meta-materials. I am also interested in deep learning algorithms for imaging and data analysis.


  • Post Doctoral Scholar (University of Central Florida-CREOL)
  • Associate Scientist (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Ph.D Student (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
  • Research Associate (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow (UCLA)


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