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Chekov once wrote that “any idiot can face a crisis; it is this day-to-day living that wears you out.” These words have always rung true to me personally, and they have become more than just sage advice; I have sought to build a career around addressing them. As an ergonomist and health and safety professional, I am committed to finding solutions to people's everyday discomforts.

Before I became interested in the field of ergonomics, I had worked for a few years as a business manager in customer relations for several international firms, as I had majored in Business Administration. Ultimately, I decided I could have more of an impact on people's lives and find a more meaningful form of employment by studying human health and rehabilitation. Thus, I took a certifying course for physical trainers, leading me to pursue a master's degree in Sports Sciences. I continued my academic studies while working as a trainer. I opted to take an applied internship in the study of postural cultivation and preventive exercise, where I first came across the science of ergonomics. Fascinated by the subject, I decided to cross the ocean and pursue a graduate degree in Environmental and Occupational Health with an ergonomics focus.
I focus my efforts as a health and safety promoter in engaging the audience in the learning process. I believe it is the task of ergonomic specialists like me to help reduce discomforts induced by work.


  • Graduate Research Assistant at Colorado State University Environmental Health Ergonomics Program (Colorado State University)
  • Fitness and posture trainer (Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor)
  • Ergonomics Program Manager and Safety Specialist (Rancho Harvest, Inc.)
  • Computer Familiarization Course Instructor (The Wingate Institute, The Nat Holman School for Coaches and Instructors)
  • Ergonomist (Briotix Inc.)


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