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Ged Leigh

Ged Leigh

Regional Director with The Marketing Centre - flexible access to part-time proven Marketing Directors across the UK

Ramsbottom, England

Regional Director for The Marketing Centre - flexible access to part-time proven Marketing Directors across the UK.

It’s very simple. Great businesses surround themselves with great people. I am one of a team of 90
plus professionals who work as part-time Marketing Directors within ambitious businesses to
provide the skills and experience for the business to achieve outstanding results.
I find business owners often feel frustrated – they really want the very best marketing expertise
in-house but simply can’t afford it – or find it in their area.
They approach a marketing consultant but find they speak an alien language and don’t roll their
sleeves up and DO. So they work with an agency who devise campaigns – but never really get
under the skin of the business enough to take responsibility for ROI. Or they hire a marketing
junior who takes a scatter-gun approach with no cohesive strategy or plan. It’s frustrating!
That’s why the part-time option works so well. One of The Marketing Centre’s part-time
experienced Marketing Directors works for you as part of your in-house team, has a proven
track record of success, works on your entire business across all aspects, talks your language
and quite simply gets stuck in to make an impact on your growth.
Our ‘part-time’ business model means you get a top-quality proven Marketing Director for a
fraction of the cost to appoint one on a full-time basis.
If you’d like to find out more get in touch for a chat. I’ll listen and ask a few questions, and then
you can see whether this might be the solution for your business. Typically we work for
businesses of £3m+. You can contact me on 07803627503 or or via LinkedIn or through our website

| Marketing Director | CMO | Marketing Consultant | Marketing Specialist | Director of
Marketing | Sales and Marketing Director |


  • Marketing Director (Part-time) (RFM Group)
  • Marketing Director (Part-time) (Sigma)
  • Managing Director (CTD business partners)
  • Marketing Director (Part time) (Recycling Lives Ltd)
  • Regional Director (The Marketing Centre)


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