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George Okafo, Ph.D., BSc., ARCS, FRSC

George Okafo, Ph.D., BSc., ARCS, FRSC

Innovation Program Director at Boehringer Ingelheim

Stevenage, England

Hello, my name is George Okafo. I have >30 years experience in Pharma R&D as an innovator, seeker, due diligence expert and senior drug discovery scientist. My broad scientific expertise includes CNS brain cancers, neurosciences (AD, PD, ALS, HS), cell-to-cell biology (eg tunneling nanotubes) and biology translation (in-vitro/in-vivo), drug discovery/target validation, applied bioanalytical chemistry, applied machine learning, and collaborative initiatives.

A global, Research and Development (R&D) scientific leader with extensive experience, innovating, discovering, incubating, and delivering scientific solutions. I have spearheaded many pharma projects from discovery to delivery and serving as a subject matter expert (SME) in cell biology (TNTs), applied analytical bioanalytical chemistry, and as a experienced due diligence scientist with global connections.

Key career achievements include:
1) Delivered >50 global due diligence opportunities across multiple therapeutic areas (neurosciences, GI, cancer, infectious diseases) and platform technologies converting 10 external opportunities into strategic deals.
2) Built multi-disciplinary global drug discovery/enabling platforms teams.
3) Published 60 peer-reviewed papers (Nature, JACS), 6 book/chapters, 2 patents covering biology/chemistry.
4) Successfully negotiated >£5M in funding for global incubation/proof-of-concept (PoC) studies.
5) Inspired/executed four global scientific conferences (TNT biology, oligonucleotide chemistry, accelerating drug discovery) focused on stimulating the external scientific eco-system and fostering greater collaboration/partnerships.
6) Delivered drug projects to key regulatory milestones (IND, IMPD, NDA, MAA).
7) Established a global network of academics, clinician-scientists and technology partners in chemistry, biology and machine learning/data analytics and achieved 20 scientific collaborations/partnerships.
8) Served as pharma expert on the UK Bioindustry Association/Science and Innovation Advisory Committee and the Society for Chemical Industry. Co-authored white paper with the intent of influencing UK Funding Bodies to invest in future biomedical technologies.

Thank you for reading my profile.


  • Director/Owner (George Okafo Pharma Consulting Ltd)
  • Brain Cancer Drug Discovery Program Leader (Insilico Medicine)
  • Chair of SCI Membership Committee (Society of Chemical Industry)
  • Innovation Program Director (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Subject Matter Scientific Reviewer (Tunneling Nanotubes) (Nature Scientific Reports Journal)


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