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Giammarco Rossi

Giammarco Rossi

Principal Electro Optical Engineer at nLIGHT Europe s.r.l.

Pavia, Lombardy

I am a professional with many years of experience in managing research and development projects in the field of semiconductor lasers and optical modules and an overall twenty years of working experience, a natural ability for collaboration and a solid technical background.
I am used to work in a multicultural worldwide environment; I like to solve problems and face new challenges.
Currently I am engaged in the design of high power multi-emitter laser diode modules for pumping fibre lasers for industrial application and development of the overall assembly process of the product.
In the past I was able to successfully take to production a 25 Gb/s laser device according to schedule and specification. To get it done I had to agree the specifications with the internal customer based in San José, California and transfer testing and handling instructions to the contract manufacturer based in Singapore.
Previously I managed to release the first ever 200Km DWDM XFP module, whose qualification at a major customer required around the clock work at the customer's site to solve a critical integration issue.
In my first assignment as R&D engineer responsible for the design of 10 Gb/s transmitters, I spent months in Ipswich, UK to work closely with the IC team to solve the problem of the RF matching of the laser driver circuit with the laser device. This lead to the first commercial 10 Gb/s 3.3V powered laser transmitter.


  • Principal R&D engineer (Avago Technologies Italy)
  • Senior R&D engineer (OPI Photonics)
  • Principal Electro Optical Engineer (nLIGHT Europe s.r.l.)
  • Project leader (PGT photonics)
  • Senior Photonics Engineer (Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.A.)


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