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Giuseppe Di Carlo

Giuseppe Di Carlo

CTO at The Mind Hub Company

Barcelona, Catalonia

Agile software development methodologies.
Scala and Play Framework.
PHP/Mysql with different frameworks.
Spark, Akka, Apache Camel, TensorFlow.
Message brokers like Apache ActiveMQ and Kafka.
Amazon Web Services (Amazon Elastic MapReduce, S3, CloudFront, Route 53, EC2, RDS).
NoSQL databases (Cassandra, MongoDb, CouchDb etc).
Graph database: Neo4J.
Search platform like Elasticsearch, Solr and Lucene.
Several programming languages: Scala, Php, Python, Java, Javascript etc.
Continuous integration with Jenkins.
Docker and Kubernetes.


  • CTO / Software Architect (Freelance)
  • PHP Senior Programmer (Open House Spain)
  • Founder (Stealth Mode Startup)
  • Lead Developer (Splendia)
  • Senior Program Analyst (Splendia)
  • CTO (The Mind Hub Company - Intercom Empresas)


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