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Gregory Stern

Gregory Stern

Senior SW Engineer


Proven experience in Object-Oriented Programming/Analysis/Design and C/C++/C# development at all phases of the software development lifecycle, from design and documentation to implementation.;
- Excellent knowledge of Windows programming and technologies: Visual C++/C#, .NET, WinAPI, MFC, Multitasking, Multithreading, STL, COM;
- Solid experience using USB, Serial, Socket connections and communication protocols like RS232, USB, TCP, UDP, Microsoft network;
- Possess experience in Database design and development: MS Access, ADO, DAO, ODBC
- Proven experience in Windows Internals, systems and kernel-mode programming, device drivers

Technical skills:
Programming Languages: C/C++, Visual C++, C#, Python, Shell, TCL, SQL, XML
Operation System x86/x64: Windows, Unix, Windows Mobile, DOS, UEFI
Libraries/Frameworks: WinAPI, MFC, .NET, WPF, STL, ActiveX, DAO, ADO, ATL, COM, DDK,WDM, KMDF
Concepts: O.O.P., O.O.D., Unit, Module, and System Level, Client-Server applications, Cross-platform, Multithreading/Multiprocessing, Design Pattern, Database Design, Networking, Kernel mode, Real-Time
Programming IDEs: MS Visual Studio, WinDbg, Eclipse, Borland, Install Shield, MSA, Nordheim
Versions Control: GIT, Perforce, SVN, TFS, Rational Clear Case, UCM, Visual Source Safe
Other Apps: MS Access, Quick Build, TestMinion, IncrediBuild, LeCroy, DTM Studio, Wireshark.


  • Senior Software Engineer (NICE Ltd)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Intel Corporation)
  • Senior SW Engineer (Marvell Semiconductor)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Elbit Systems Ltd)
  • Staff Specialist Product Developer (BMC Software)


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