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GS McNamara, MS

GS McNamara, MS

Bent on (cyber) intent @Floodspark, providing pre-attack security for WordPress, websites, and webapps #cyberintent #recon #intelligence #OSINT

McLean, Virginia

RECRUITERS: I'm happy to share your security opportunities with my network if they can be done remotely. Just send over a description, comp details, and how someone should get in touch:

GS is a cyber security and intelligence professional who brings his software development background to the table, qualifying him as a purple team member advocating and understanding both the attack and defense sides of application security. He has worked in environments as fast as startups, as small as a sole proprietorship, as large as a Fortune 50, and as challenging as DARPA.

He started his security education informally through immersion in hacker communities as a teenager, later going on to earn both a master’s degree specializing in Intelligence Technologies and a bachelor’s in Information Security.

Creating a tech services business while in school gave him an early opportunity to learn the business applications of technology. He hyper focuses his work on the three areas of Information Exploitation, Preservation, and Monetization. His communication style is direct while also having the ability to be diplomatic.

He has spoken internationally and self published his research through blog posts, news articles, videos, and proof of concept code. He volunteers as a highly trained search and rescue leader specializing in tracking and cold cases.

GS works remotely from the mountains in Virginia while also traveling frequently.

He is:
- A person with knowledge, skills, and abilities drawn from a diverse personal and professional background who reliably becomes increasingly valuable to an organization by benefiting it in unexpected ways over time
- A cofounder who has seen the growth of a Product Security and Incident Response Team (PSIRT) from beginning to mid-stage maturity
- A creator and owner of high-impact initiatives
- An avid learner of new subjects

He is not:
- A software developer for anything beyond a MVP
- A practitioner of compliance

Work samples:


  • Founder (GS McNamara LLC)
  • Founder, Application-Level Security and Threat Intelligence (Disrupt6)
  • Senior Application Security Engineer (Okta, Inc.)
  • Principal Application Security Engineer (Forcepoint)
  • Senior Consultant, Application Security Engineer (CGI)


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