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Gur Lavi (Braslavi)

Gur Lavi (Braslavi)

Innovation & Change Expert | Keynote Speaker & Author | Co-Founder of Vayomar

Tel Aviv

Official BIO:

Gur Lavi is a Founding Partner of Vayomar. Over the last 18 years, he specialized in solving bottlenecks in corporations by introducing a unique view towards the inherent connection between internal communication, change management, and innovation. Assisting clients from Fortune 500 companies to Unicorns across 16 countries, Gur developed the proprietary evaluation platforms of Clear-Sight™ and “How Did I Do™” for assessing transformation readiness through gap analysis and communication, respectively.
Gur has a B.A. in Law and Business Administration. He was elected to the “Zell Outstanding Entrepreneur Program” and holds an M.A. in Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, both from the IDC College in Israel. During his studies, he led the IDC to its first European finals - as captain of the Debate Club.
Over three years, Gur researched the topic of “Professional Burnout as a Social Phenomenon in Organizations.”
In 2008 he published the book “The Golden Mask,” - which enables corporate managers to understand and overcome their internal barriers towards change and personal growth.
Gur is a certified fencing instructor from the Wingate Institute and an avid reader of Roman history of the first century B.C.

Personal BIO:
My passion is connecting people to the value that Innovation and change represent.

I am excited by the ability to step out of our organizational and individual comfort zones. I see my role as an enabler for overcoming the natural resistance that change often brings along. My greatest professional satisfaction is identifying the key actions that will allow for complex processes to run smoothly, differentiating between the symptoms and the causes, between being busy and being productive, between theory and actual practice.

One of the biggest lessons in my professional life is that a successful journey starts with finding the right partners that allow each one of us to soar to greater heights than we would have done on our own. I believe that humanity's best is yet to come.

Find my Keynotes here:

VAYOMAR helped more than 1K companies in 24 countries to implement, communicate, and embrace changes.

* Here is a cool book that proved to me how much more there is to learn, even in topics we think we mastered:
"Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think" – by Hans Rosling


  • Boardmember and Co-Founder (Choozer Inc.)
  • Co-Founder (HowDidIDo)
  • Co-Founder & Director (VAYOMAR)
  • Co-Founder (Debate Company)


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