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Gustavo J. Vazquez Amado

Gustavo J. Vazquez Amado

Blockchain Architect

Barcelona, Catalonia

Latest Projects:
* NFT Marketplace: Full Smart Contract and React Web3 dApp Development (

Technical background:
* Smart Contract Development: Solidity with OpenZeppelin, Rust
* Smart Contract Auditing: Crytic/Slither
* Ethereum Interaction Libraries: Web3.js, Ethers.js
* Ethereum Development Framewors: Truffle, HardHat
* dApp Development: React + Web3
* Ethereum Node Management: Geth, Ganache
* Ethereum Gateway Management: Infura, Alchemy
* Wallet integration: Metamask, WallectConnect
* Decentralized Storage: IPFS, Filecoin, Arweave, Pinata
* Javascript Frameworks: Angular, Node.js

Cloud & DevOps:
* Public Cloud: Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, VPC)
* Private Cloud: OpenShift
* Container Technologies: Docker
* Container Clustering: Kubernetes, Mesos
* Version Control Systems: Git, SVN
* Build Automation Software: Maven, Gradle, RPM, Packer
* Scripting Languages: Shell Scripting, bash, perl
* Software Configuration Management Tools: Puppet, Ansible
* Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery: Jenkins, Bamboo
* Monitoring and Alerting Systems: ELK


  • Chief Technology Officer (ARTTS)
  • Blockchain Architect (Freelance)
  • Software Architect (Cloud, Identity, API, Integration, Bigdata, Security, DevOps) (Chakray Consulting Spain (España - Barcelona))
  • Blockchain Architect (Clevertech)
  • ECM/BPM Technical Project Manager (VASS - Barcelona)


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