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Hava Doron Soferman

Hava Doron Soferman

Founder & CEO, MoodKnight by 4Girls, Ltd.


Hava has more than 20 years experience in the field of Mental Health Technology and has recognized the need to be able to help people, online, who express their mental distress. Her company, 4Girls, Ltd. has developed MoodKnight, an AI emotion platform which detects and classifies digital content for mental distress and suicidal thoughts.

She was also instrumental in developing a Peer-to-Peer online help platform for female adolescents and establishing the first online volunteer center for girls’ organizations in Israel.

Hava started her career in marketing and copywriting, creating her own business, and a model for others in corporate responsibility - her firm became one of the first in understanding the needs of her clients, and what was necessary to assist them, leading to a commitment to social responsibility as well.

Hava also was the founder of “Isha LeAtid” (Woman of the Future), a non-profit for the advancement of young women.


  • Founder and Owner (copyhouse)
  • Founder & CEO (MoodKnight by 4Girls, Ltd.)
  • Founder and CEO (


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