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Helena Kozlova

Helena Kozlova

Director General (CEO) Green Building Council Russia

Moscow, Moscow

Green Building Council Russia / GBC Russia is an Association for assistance and support of the development and implementation of the green building standards and codes and sustainability certification systems). GBC Russia was founded in 2009. It was registered as an independent non-governmental and nonprofit partnership to promote the awareness for Green building within the community of professionals in the industry, to act as a catalyst in the transformation of the Russian construction sector towards sustainable development and circularity, for development of the Russian Green Building standards. In 2009 GBC Russia became a of the World Green Building Council, 2013-2021 е the membership was suspended and in 2021 GBC Russia has returned to World GBC as a member to become a worthy addition to the worldwide network of professionals aiming – to transform the building and construction sector. The organization is successfully bringing together companies, organizations and individuals from Russia’s vast construction-related industries on the basis of a voluntary association of its members. GBC Russia members work professionally in order to achieve socially beneficial goals in the fields of sustainable development, green building and climate impact mitigation. Since its foundation GBC Russia has received over 500 applications for membership both domestic and international. Members of the GBC Russia include, among others, architects, building services engineers, facility managers, civil engineers, University professors and academia, green investors, developers, contractors, sustainability consultants and auditors, construction materials manufacturers, product and service providers, suppliers, legal professionals, green community influencers, industrial journalists, nonprofit institutions and government bodies. Over the years the council has developed an extensive network of partners and is collaborating with a number of like-minded associations acting as a platform for expertise and experience exchange between domestic and international experts channeling and promoting the standards recognized by the international professional community to assist in the creation and implementation of the national standards in Russian Federation. Council is engaged in the development and implementation for the norms, regulations and standards for green and sustainable construction based on the adaptation of the best practices from around the world with a consideration of the RF in existing characteristics. Council actively lobbies for green building ideas at the government level.


  • Board Member (Forest Stewardship Council™)
  • Director General (Green Building Council Russia (GBC Russia))
  • Exhibition projects director (International Exhibition Company (MVK))
  • Board Member (Public Council of the Autonomous Non-profit Organization "Public Forum" Ecology»)
  • Executive director and the Board secretary (Green Building Council Russia (GBC Russia))
  • Head of Inspection department (International Trade & Government contracts) (Bureau Veritas)


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