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Hemant K Mishra, MS, PhD

Hemant K Mishra, MS, PhD

Principal Scientist Stem Cell Gene Therapy, iPSCs, CAR NK, T cells, Regenerative Medicine and Immunotherapeutics at Caribou Biosciences

Albany, California

Our research focus is oriented towards investigating the regulated proteolysis of various cell surface proteins and their applications in tumor immunology, dysregulated immune responses during severe infection, and host-pathogen interactions. Currently, we are investigating various mechanisms to enhance the tumor-killing abilities of genetically engineered human-induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived NK (Natural Killer) and T cells. We are also evaluating their efficacy via various in-vitro assays and utilizing multiple tumor xenograft murine models as well to assess their in-vivo tumor-killing potencies. Along with that, I am investigating various mechanisms to have a cytokine-mediated enhanced, sustained, and renewable NK cell expansion and proliferation in these mice. Furthermore, We are also performing various preclinical studies to understand the dysregulated immune responses during severe infection and to unravel the pathophysiology of sepsis for novel and effective treatment, management, and prophylactic approaches. I am a Co-director of the protein core facility at Veterinary and Biomedical Science at the University of Minnesota with years of teaching, training, and mentoring experience to students, faculty, and staff in the area of basic and advanced immunology involving hands-on training on flow cytometry. My academic interest in teaching is focused on immunology, cellular and molecular biology and I teach the CMB8202 course (Adaptive Immunity and Cancer Immunotherapy). I have been in several leadership roles throughout my academic career. Together with excellent communication skills, I am a visionary who inspire individual and organizational growth, a facilitator who work with others to attain results, a contributor who applies personal capabilities to execute and accomplish tasks in an efficient and timely manner and a tactician who ensure to effectuate the desired goals in line with the mission of the organization.


  • Lead Scientist Stem Cell Gene Therapy, CAR NK and T cells, Regenerative Med and Immunotherapeutics (Bio-Techne)
  • Director Of Research Development & Editing (Superior Medical Experts)
  • Research Track Faculty and Instructor, Co-director of Protein Core Facility (University of Minnesota)
  • Post Doctoral Associate (University of Minnesota)
  • Principal Scientist (Caribou Biosciences)


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