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Igor Golovanov

Igor Golovanov

Engineering Manager at PlutoTV / Paramount

Kharkiv, Kharkiv

- 10+ years of professional expertise in developing scalable Cloud-Native Applications, Web Applications and Web Services;
- NodeJS / Go / JavaScript / Java / PHP / SQL programming;
- Knowledge of Software Architecture Design, Design Patterns, OOP, TDD (Test Driven Development);
- Solid experience working with NodeJS (Hapijs, Express, Loopback, Mongoose, Objection.js, Sequelize, Jest, Mocha, Chai, Eslint, etc)
- Solid experience working with JavaScript (React, Redux, Angular, Backbone, Enzyme, Jasmine, Jest, etc)
- Solid experience working with Golang
- Solid experience working with PHP (Zend, Symfony, Yii, Laravel, Phalcon, Doctrine)
- Rich background in cloud-native solutions (AWS, Kubernetes, AWS ECS/EKS, GKE/GCE, Prometheus, FaaS, OpenTracing, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Consul, Vault, Jaeger, Zipkin, Docker)
- Rich background in building architecture on AWS services (ECS, EKS, RDS, CloudFormation, CodeBuild/CodePipeLine/CodeDeploy, ECR, EC2, CloudWatch, VPC, IAM, etc)
- Rich background in developing micro-service architecture (docker, lambda, faas)
- Rich background in data storing and manipulation (Mysql, Postgresql, Microsoft SQL Server, Memcached, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB)
- Experience in client-server applications development (REST, gRPC, Protocol Buffers, SOAP, sockets, RPC, Push-Notification, OAuth);
- Developing Web/Mobile/Universal applications, UI/UX testing, SEO;
- Versions control systems (Git, SVN);
- Issue tracking systems (JIRA, Pivotal, Mantis);
- Development methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Pair Programming);
- Integrating monitoring tools (Prometheus, Grafana, Logly, NewRelic, StatsD, AWS CloudWatch, Google Analytics);
- Integrating social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, etc);
- Integrating payment systems (PayPal, Authorize.Net, WorldBank, Yandex.Money, WebMoney)
- CI systems (CircleCI, TravisCI, Jenkins, TeamCity);
- Experience working in team, leading team, organizing team work, communication with customers.
- Experience working as Scrum Master, organizing processes, organizing product team


  • Engineering Manager (Pluto TV)
  • Senior Software Engineer (X1 Group)
  • Lead Software Engineer (AgileEngine)
  • Senior Software Engineer (SugarCRM)
  • Scrum Master / Senior Software Engineer (Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH)
  • Lead Software Engineer (Pluto TV)
  • Scrum Master / Senior Software Engineer (X1 Group)
  • Senior Cloud Software Engineer (Pluto TV)


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