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Isaac Howie-Brewerton

Isaac Howie-Brewerton

Staff Product Designer - Digital Creative at Mattel, Inc.

Greater Brighton and Hove Area

I am a Designer looking to work on the next big thing, with a quality team, in a leadership role that offers a challenging and engaging day to day.

I have 5 years formal education and 5 years industry experience, and have led teams from 5 to 35 on projects across mobile, console and PC with experience in multiple areas such as pre-production, certification, publication, and Live-Ops. I have worked with several publishers from pitching to submission and have good communication and sales skills.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and have a team centric personality with a belief that a group of individuals, given clear vision, can achieve anything.

I have a keen interest in F2P game design on both mobile and traditional platforms, with a firm view that free to play multiplayer cross platform games are to become the staple diet of gamers globally, with the rise of core games being played on mobile being an early indicator of this.


  • Digital Creative (Mattel, Inc.)
  • Studio Director (Pixel Blimp)
  • Design Lead (Electric Square)
  • Game Designer (EUCROMA)
  • Supervisor (Protoplay)


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