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Isabel Löfgren

Isabel Löfgren

Artist, Writer, Researcher, Educator

Stockholm, Stockholm County

Artist, Writer, Researcher and Educator with experience in teaching in higher education in contemporary art and media studies.

My research-based artistic practice includes exhibitions and installations in public space at the intersection between art, media, architecture and networked cultures.

Thematically, I am interested diaspora and memory, decolonization, gender, art and media infrastructures. I usually work collaboratively in art collectives, with artistic research platforms, universities and art institutions, resulting in art exhibitions, events, lectures and articles.

I am also interested in pedagogical development in the arts, having significant teaching experience in formal and informal education settings internationally and in developing art and media pedagogical programs.

My current position as a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies includes teaching and research in media production, aesthetics and in areas that cross-over between the fields of visual culture, contemporary art, media activism and the humanities.


  • Co-Founder (IDA (Institutet för Diaspora och Avkolonisering) (The Institute for the Decolonisation of Art))
  • Senior Lecturer in Media Studies (Södertörn University)
  • Artist-Researcher (R-Lab International)
  • Guest Critic (Several universities)
  • Visual Artist (My Own)


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