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Isra García

Isra García

Marketer | Digital-Business Transformation Advisor | Lifestyle Experimentalist | Public speaker | Writer | HighPerformer

Greater Valencia Metropolitan Area

61 clients, 62 businesses advised, 432 speakings, 4.640 articles, 37 projects, 9 books, 518 lectures, 7 companies, 22 adventures, 43 experiments. So far.

My job is to reflect a change, inspiration, and disruption to people. I care about human interactions. That is why I do marketing, the social web and the Internet collide with human nature, emotions, feelings, and relationships. Reaching out across disciplines and create unique opportunities for this significant trend and reality. That is, to bring intention, creativity, and emotions to the experience of technology.

Marketer & Digital - Business Transformation. Advisor and Analyst acting globally, Professional Speaker and Head at IG. Author of 6 books and founder of Stand OUT Program.

I focus on raising social media awareness in businesses, expanding their reach and creating the resonance between brands and communities, beyond traditional communication channels and marketing practices.

Core skills:

✔ Marketing Advice: reports, analysis, board members, online/offline touch-points enhancement, next steps for agencies, brands and companies.
✔ How the new use of the digital leverages businesses through human relationships and Business Interactions.
✔ Implementation and integration of holistic marketing plans.
✔ Humanising processes from Human Media to Human Business.
✔ The digitalization of brands and companies.
✔ Setting the tone for engaging brands.
✔ Creating a consistent and coherent digital strategy and tactics for reaching business goals.
✔ Monitoring and developing the business' status on the Internet.
✔ Leading marketing / digital teams.
✔ Creating/maintaining awareness and positioning brands and organizations in the online world.
✔ Building processes aimed to empower businesses through human concepts applied to crossed marketing.

Non-professional athlete: Titan Desert x1, Burning Man Quest x1 + Ultraman x1 + Ironman Finisher x 2.


  • Lead Advisor (Hello Demo)
  • Mentor (Techstars)
  • Director (Unstoppable People in Times of Crisis Workshops - Online Training)
  • Marketing Advisor (paper chain)
  • Principal Consultant (Ultraproductivity Method)


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